Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities
Smyrna Today is an Award Winning daily news and announcement program that is broadcast via YouTube 4 times per week to the student body and faculty of Smyrna High   School,  (2400+) as well as parents and the community. During the 2022-23 school year we broadcast over 100 episodes with 51000 total channel views.
Annual program sponsorship: $1000
At the top of each episode, to run in every episode for the year
"This episode of Smyrna Today brought to you by____________________ + tagline"
Your logo/graphic

One time :15 spot/ad: $50
Client provided graphics/script to run during the single episode of choice
(SHS Productions to create graphics +$25)

Reoccurring :15 spot/ad 
(3x) $125, (6x) $200, (12x) $350
Client provided graphics/script to run during multiple consecutive episodes
(SHS Productions to create graphics +$25)
Coffee mug/Cup placement: $5 per episode
or $10 weekly (3 episodes)
Client provided branded product (2) to appear on camera/on set with "Smyrna Today" anchors
 and logo on lower third graphic

On location commercial :15 spot/ad creation: $150
Our production crew will come to your location to create/shoot/produce your spot content
 (ad/spot fees are additional)
"At the Half" is a "Live" YouTube streamed half-time program broadcast from all SHS home football games and other sporting events. Portions of "At The Half" will be re-broadcast on the following day's episode of "Smyrna Today". 

At the top of each broadcast - 
This BNN Sports "At The Half" Show brought you by _________________ + tagline
Your Logo

In-Kind sponsorship - Providing pre-game meal for our crew(8)
Special Events ​(non-sport):  Special events are broadcast throughout the year and are available to a single sponsor.
One-time event sponsorship: $75
At the top and end of the broadcast 
"This program brought to you by____________________ + tagline"
Your logo/graphic
For more information contact:
SHS Productions and Smyrna High School reserve the right to reject ad content deemed inappropriate or irrelevant to Smyrna High School and its student body.
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